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Holiday Van Erem Adhesive Adhesives Eco-Friendly Flooring Installation Lock Solution Solutions Spray Spray-Lock SprayLock Stick

If you haven’t tried Spray-Lock Eco Adhesives before or it’s been a while, there is no better time than now to use them on your next installation. With Spray-Lock, you get more than superior performing, spray-applied adhesives. You get solutions that benefit you and your customer:

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Quickly & Easily Change Any Room in Your Home

Alex Steele DIY Easy flooring Loose Lay LooseLay luxury vinyl perimeter glue plunger Quick quick and easy Quick N Easy remodel renovation vinyl

With the holidays fast approaching many homeowners will be considering renovation projects including purchasing new flooring. New loose lay vinyl flooring options give you the ability to quickly change any room of the house and do it easily. Loose lay vinyl flooring also gives you the option to DIY or have a professional install the flooring for you, all in time for turkeys on the table.

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Color Forecasting

Alex Steele color design design center flooring leatrice eiseman pantone seattle trend

Color trends are fundamental to the design business. They have broad applications from home design to kid’s crayons. As a flooring company we offer hardwood, laminate and vinyl products that compliment or enhance the wide range of color palette in residential and commercial applications such as single-family homes, condos, hospitals and schools.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Floor

Dori Alpert choosing clean coordinate easy floor kids kitchen moisture pets resistance Tips waterproof

Your kitchen is the command center of your home; you cook there, socialize there, and keep your calendar and important information there. If you’re considering a new kitchen floor, keep in mind these 4 tips to help you choose the right kitchen floor.

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Moving commercial flooring into residential settings

Alex Phillips commercial design durability flooring residential trend

In flooring design today we see a lot of products crossing over from a commercial arena into that which would be considered residential. Take your home office or a rec-room as an example; you might consider using a carpet tile that would traditionally be used in a commercial space.

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