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Would you paint your own car? Pre-finished Engineered Hardwood vs. Unfinished Solid Hardwood

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Hardwoods have traditionally been the one flooring option that will actually increase the value of your home. Where laminate, vinyl and carpet have been considered more disposable; hardwood has been viewed as a permanent flooring surface. We have seen quite a change in hardwood over the last several years. One of the biggest shifts has been the transition from unfinished solid hardwood to pre-finished engineered hardwood. Until recently many people held the belief that solid wood was the only “real” wood and that engineered wood was akin to laminate. This is not true at all! Engineered wood IS real wood; it is comprised of different wood layers that are sandwiched together. Because engineered wood is made up of these different layers of wood, that are cross-plied, it is much more dimensionally stable than solid wood. This is especially true in climates where there are more extreme shifts in humidity and temperature.

Another big advantage of a pre-finished engineered hardwood over unfinished solid hardwood is the superior finish that is applied at the factory versus the finish applied during installation. Think of it this way: for your car, would you rather have the factory paint it or have it shipped to your home and have someone paint it in your garage? Of course you would choose to have it painted at the factory! The factory can apply the finish professionally and uniformly, ensuring maximum quality. Today’s engineered hardwood finishes are made with excellent materials, like urethane, which provide outstanding performance and are easy to maintain.

Engineered hardwood from TAS Flooring delivers quality, design and value. Our Villa Collection consists of 17 different colors from maple, hickory and birch species all at one price. For a slight premium 2 beautiful acacia options are available. The Villa Collection is ½” in overall thickness and 5”wide. Featuring a low gloss urethane that comes in smooth, handscraped and/or wire-brushed finishes, Villa provides a variety of styling options.

Villa Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The Latitudes Collection features 6.5” and 7.5” widths, a ½” overall thickness and is constructed on board lengths up to 72”. The 10 European Oak and wire-brushed visuals of Latitudes showcase an elegant hardwood that is low in gloss level and incorporates both traditional and trending colors.

Latitudes Collection Engineered Hardwood

TAS Flooring provides numerous engineered hardwood flooring solutions for your home. View our hardwood selections on our hardwood page and request samples for your next project!

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