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How to make your hardwood flooring pet friendly

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We’ve all heard the horror stories that hardwood floor maintenance is involved, costly and really just a pain to deal with. And if you add pets into the fold, they can certainly put the wear and tear on your hardwood floors fast. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure your floor will outlast the abuse of those beloved pets!

Floor Color: Lighter colored wood floors help hide scratches far better than dark colors. When light colored floors are scratched or dented through the stain color, it shows less because the scratches or dents blend in with the light color. If you do have darker colored floors or want to touch up the existing scratches in your light colored floors, use a matching floor repair marker to fill in the scratches.

Pet Friendly Hardwood Floor Tips

WearMax: There is an amazing new product called WearMax. This little bottle of liquid gold blends the color of the floor and the scratch together so there is virtually no visible scratch once applied. This stuff really works and can be a life saver if your pets have done some serious damage to your hardwood floor. WearMax Link

Clean Up Spills: Immediately clean up any “accidents” on your hardwood floors as liquids can certainly wreak havoc and soak into the wood. FreshFloors Floor Cleaner is a fantastic product to clean up messes and eliminate nasty odors left behind by pets. FreshFloors Blog Link

Keep Nails Trimmed: A true help to avoid scratches in your hardwoods is to make sure your pet’s nails are trimmed on a regular basis. Short nails make for a longer lasting and scratch free hardwood floors!

Floor Scratch

Keep Dirt and Rocks Out: It’s amazing what your pet (and you) can bring in with them from the outside. Dirt and rocks can seriously damage your hardwood floors if left on the surface and ground in by foot traffic. The best way to avoid damage is to ensure your little furry friend’s paws (and your feet) are wiped off at the door before entering. Regular sweeping will also help to keep your hardwood floor looking new.

Pets and hardwood floors can be a winning combination if you keep up on nail trimming and clean-up after them on a regular basis. Don’t think you can’t have the hardwood floor you have always dreamed about because Miss Kitty and Fido share the space.

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