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Pinterest & Houzz: the new window shopping

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I could spend hours online looking through Pinterest and Houzz… wait I DO spend hours flipping through virtual pages of Pinterest and Houzz. Dreaming of re-painting my house, re-decorating every room and sketching ideas for this springs’ landscaping projects. Every time I start a home project I consult my online “design team”. I start a board on Pinterest and throw up anything that might work. I’ll start an Ideabook on Houzz and reach for the sky. It’s like window shopping, but the windows are browser windows. I can do this for months before I have to pair it down and show my husband. I think most consumers in my age bracket (30’s) do the same thing. We “shop” online until we are ready to make a decision. We post and pin and share until we figure out what we really want.

TAS Flooring Pinterest Page

As a manager of a marketing team, for a company selling flooring, I take these social media outlets very seriously. I make sure that our flooring brand has a presence on Houzz, Pinterest and Facebook. I make sure we update our content regularly and I make sure that we are included in what consumers are doing to prepare for the purchase of their flooring. In 2013, globally, 46% of consumers with a digital device used social media to help make purchase decisions (Nielsen). We don’t want to miss out on that!

If you haven’t been on Houzz, try it out. It focuses on the home, as where Pinterest covers all sorts of other interests. Either is a great tool to find inspiration. Houzz does have the huge benefit of having professionals listed on the site, highlighting their work. It becomes very easy to find the experts in exactly what you want done. You contact the professional right through Houzz and share Ideabooks during your project.

TAS Flooring Houzz Page

You can check out our TAS Flooring Houzz page and our TAS Flooring Pinterest page by clicking on the links. We hope to inspire you!

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