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When looking at the commercial flooring market, we are seeing products being used in the traditional manner and we are starting to see more creativity when using flooring. Flooring products continue to evolve and become either more niche to fill needs such as slip resistance or become more universal to provide use in every arena with budget sensitive offerings.

Getting What You Want

As an example, look specifically at the new luxury vinyl flooring offerings coming out. With the need for acoustical rated products increasing, we have seen the creation of integrated offerings like all-in-one engineered vinyl click products that float with pad attached (i.e. Tandem) to an all-in-one engineered vinyl glue down product with pad attached (i.e. our brand new Reticence). These products are taking very specific needs for specific commercial markets and solving their problems. They are solutions worth looking at.

For the customer with even more specific needs we are seeing custom offerings becoming available. From luxury vinyl to hardwood; you can choose your specific Pantone or paint color, your species of wood or your alternative looks. These products come with a higher price tag, but for the customer with very specific needs they now have a solution in the flooring arena.

TAS | Architectural Design Solutions

Looking at product for a commercial project has never been as easy as it is today. With the offerings that provide these unique solutions, the key is to know who to work with to get what you’re looking for. Our A&D team has years of experience and multitudes of product offerings available to them. For more information on what the TAS Architectural Design Solutions team can do for you check out their specific page on our website by clicking TAS | ADS.

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