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Flooring Trim Cheat Sheet

Dori Alpert Accessories Cheat Sheet Coordinating End Cap Flooring Floors Matching New Floor Quarter Round Reducer Stair Nosing T-Mold Transitions Trim

Everything has accessories. Some are must-haves and some are just nice to have. Those fancy new pants that don’t quite fit right might need a belt and that fancy new dress probably could use a fancy new necklace to match. Even flooring has accessories. Some are nice to have and some are important to finishing the job. By selecting the correct trim for the area where you installed your new floor, you will finish the look of your floor and eliminate tripping hazards from room to room where the planks, carpet or sheet flooring meet.

Flooring Transitions

If you have never purchased flooring before you may not be familiar with the different options, their names and their jobs – so it can be a bit confusing. Here is an easy Trim Cheat Sheet that you can use to complete your next flooring purchase. 


  • Flooring trims are also referred to as flooring transitions or flooring accessories.
  • Trims can match the flooring, coordinate with the flooring or come in standard metallic colors. Not all floors have matching or coordinating trims. Ask the flooring retailer that you are working with what is available before you purchase. You don’t want to be stuck on the jobsite with no options.
  • Vents are usually not part of the transitions/trim/accessory category. It is a lot harder to find flooring that has matching or even coordinating flooring vents. Some companies do offer these vents, but at a high price. The most readily available vents are usually found in white, black, silver or bronze.

Trim Cheat Sheet

T-Molding TransitionT-Molding – use this when joining two hard surface floors of equal height, such as in a doorway, between two rooms or in a large area where the maximum length/width is exceeded based upon the installation requirements.

End Cap TransitionEnd Cap – this is often times called a Square Edge or Threshold and is used most commonly when butting up to carpet or a sliding glass door. It provides a smooth, safe transition from a hard surface floor to carpet in an adjacent room or hallway.

Reducer TransitionReducer – use a reducer when ending the flooring on a surface such as concrete or transitioning from one hard surface floor to another that is at a different height.

Quarter Round TransitionQuarter Round – commonly applied to cover the expansion gap between the flooring and the wall, or stair steps.

Stair Nosing TransitionStair Nosing – use a stair nose when ending a floor at the top of either a landing or downward staircase for a professional, finished look.

When buying your floor; remember to include the trims (if required) in your budget. Don’t ‘trip’ over the little details in your next big project!

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