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4 Things That Will Ruin Your Floor

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The daily wear and tear you cause your floor can really take a toll. Think about it for a minute; you walk on the thing every day. You move furniture around, track dirt in, walk on it with heels, roller skate across it, animals pee on it, babies throw-up on it. Your floor takes a pretty big beating over its life time. We want our floors to last forever and there are a few simple things we can do to help them get close. Here are 4 things that you could be doing to ruin those beautiful floors.

Cleaning you floor

  1. Forgetting to Vacuum, Mop or Sweep
    Just like washing your vehicle to keep the paint looking newer longer; mopping, vacuuming, and/or sweeping does the same thing in relation to your floors.  When dust, spills, or grime settle into or on top of your floor, it deteriorates the surface faster than if you kept up on a regular maintenance routine. A fool proof way to keep your floors ‘alive’ longer is to set yourself a weekly schedule of regular cleaning.

  2. Not Moving Furniture
    Have you ever moved a table or couch to clean under it and realize there are big impressions on the floor or carpet from where it has been sitting? Or moved a rug and realized the sun has created a round circle where that rug has been since you moved in? Furniture that stays put in one location for extended time tends to leave imprints in the floor. Whether it is carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl or hardwood, periodically moving your couch, bed, chairs, tables, etc. will help keep your floor from retaining that permanent dent from your furniture. The same thing can happen with rugs on your floor that are never moved. The sun can fade the color of the floor around the rug over time. Bring out your inner decorator and reorder your furniture.

  3. Sharp Pet Nails
    Fido and Fluffy have one damaging thing in common, nails!  Pet nails dig into hard surface flooring and snag on carpets easily causing major and sometimes costly damage to your floors. Take the time to trim your furry friend’s nails regularly. They won’t scratch you or your floor as often.

  4. Letting the Outdoors Come Inside
    Tracked-in dirt and debris is like taking a scouring pad or sandpaper to your hard surface floor. Setting out the welcome mat and/or leaving shoes off at the front door will help alleviate tracked-in debris from damaging the surface of your floors leaving them newer looking longer.

Cleaning you floor

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