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Equinox Laminate….the next evolution in laminate flooring

Sean Thornton ArmorCore Equinox Flooring Innovation Laminate Moisture TightLock Transitions Water Resistant

Laminate flooring has come a long way over the last thirty years. Initially touted as a cTAS Flooring Equinox ArmorCore technologyheap alternative to real wood; technological advances have allowed this product category to expand into a much broader scope. If you look hard enough, you can still find the “plastic-y” looking, 3-strip visual, made popular by Pergo. When that look took the flooring industry by storm, the Pergo brand was launched into the branding stratosphere of excellence. Unfortunately for them, lack of innovation and un-capitalized opportunities led to the loss of market share and eventually relevance. With the coming of the 2000’s, several new and established names within the flooring industry picked up the ball and advanced laminate as a category. Stronger wear-surfaces and cores were created, attached pad underlayment was offered and Embossed-in-Registered texturing gave new realism to products in the market. These advancements were extremely popular. However, a large segment of consumers were still hesitant to purchase laminate because of a few barriers the category still could not overcome. The two biggest objections for the use of laminate are the required t-mold transitions and concerns associated with moisture.

TAS Flooring Equinox is Wet MoppableTAS Flooring has introduced the solution to these concerns; Equinox Laminate with ArmorCore technology is the next evolution in laminate flooring. With Equinox Laminate, the end-user will have the ability to have a high-performance laminate installed safely in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. By using spruce fibers, the core material becomes 10% more dense, more flexible and enhanced to resist swelling. This feature gives the end-user the ability to damp-mop the floor, which voids the warranty of current standard laminates. Given the water-resistant properties, Equinox is warranted to handle standing water for up to 25 hours!

Aside from moisture, the density and stability of Equinox Laminate eliminates the need for ugly transitions in the middle of rooms and in doorways. Standard laminate calls for a t-mold to be installed in any room longer than 33’. Equinox Laminate can be installed in a room up to 66’ in length, eliminating the mid-room transition eye-sore. Standard laminate also requires the installation of a transition in doorways between rooms. With our stable ArmorCore technology, doorways can have that clean, continuous look desired by the homeowner.

In addition to the core composition, Equinox Laminate touts the five-point TightLock systemTAS Flooring Equinox of large rooms with no transitions. Reinforced with a unique double coat power sealer, the TightLock system not only secures the integrity of the interlock between the planks, the five-points of contact restrict liquid from penetrating between the planks. Additionally, the AC-4 wear surface gives the homeowner a commercially rated product, while the "embossed-in-registered” texture gives the most realistic visual on the market.

With these advances in technology, laminate flooring can and will continue to be a thriving flooring category. Click on the link for more information on TAS Flooring Equinox Laminate.

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  • carole applegate on

    I have just purchased Equinox “Wellington” be installed tomorrow. What do you recommend for cleaning? I have dogs who have “accidents”. What is good for a regular maintenance cleaner?

  • PAt on

    Can you put rubber backed rugs on floor???

  • Holiday on

    Yes, you can place area rugs over this floor.

  • Chris on

    Can I put area rugs over this floor?

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