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Things to consider when considering Laminate or LVT in your next project

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Hard surface flooring has certainly come a long ways since old Grandma June’s vinyl in the kitchen.  Sure there is still some appeal to an easy and affordable sheet vinyl that has been kept up-to-date with style and design.  However, more and more we see the trend leaning toward other affordable and great looking products like Laminate or Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT).  We are seeing consumers put them throughout the entire living space as opposed to having carpet in some, vinyl in others and maybe even another surface elsewhere in the home.  The aesthetic of one continuously flowing floor throughout the home to complement our current trend of open-concept living spaces makes rooms feel larger and connected.  But when considering options which should you choose; Laminate or LVT?

Laminate flooring has been in the market for a long time and is a trusted and known product.  We know when installed correctly, the patterns and colors can look very similar to a true hardwood.  The options are endless and the pricing is great as well.  Take a look here for some colors, styles and inspiration.  Laminate is made of a wood base product so it is water resistant with some being highly water resistant.  When installed it floats and this can be a great benefit when considering the construction of the building it’s going in.

LVT, now what is that? Luxury Vinyl, is that a thing?  An idea one usually needs to know more about before diving into the category.  If you know what this is, just skip on down to the next paragraph or check out some options here.  LVT is a durable easy flooring option that will look like wood, stone or an abstract pattern and is made in many shapes and sizes based on the pattern.  It could be a plank or a tile, 6x48” or 18x18” or many other sizes.  As the name implies it is made of vinyl, not wood.

The real benefit of LVT is the affordability, durability and limitless pattern options you have.  The visuals are so realistic; they make you look twice before noticing that they are LVT, not wood or stone!   Durability is important when thinking of flooring, heck, we use it every day unlike other parts of a home, you cannot not use your floor.  Patterns that are new and exciting and some that are traditional are available in the TAS line, so many you’ll have to look for yourself.  There are many different styles and thicknesses of LVT to fit any need.  From glue down to a floating floor, LVT has all the installation options.  As a very wise man in our office says, when talking about LVT, Waterproof.  That’s it, Waterproof. 

When considering these options, take a look at them, feel them, stand on them.  You’ll make a great decision if you use the resources at hand to make sure it will perform for the space you’re using it in.  Just ask the questions and take some advice on what might or might not work.  We have your best interest at heart.

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