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Shopping Quality vs Shopping Price

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Whether you are thinking of remodeling to better enjoy your later years or just starting a family and buying a home; there are many things to consider when choosing flooring. Flooring is something most people take for granted, you walk on it… it’s there. But when it is time to make a choice, with new technologies and thousands of choices, how do you choose the right floor for you? Even if you’ve already decided to go hardwood vs laminate or vice versa; there are many differences in quality and price within each category.

A common mistake when shopping for anything is to start with the least expensive products. While price is certainly very important, basing your decision on price alone will leave you missing out on having exactly what you want. Starting with mid-range priced flooring products gives you the ability to see the differences in quality vs. cost. Typically, all products perform. Lower priced products can perform just as well as higher priced products. However, when you limit your scope to only the cheapest flooring products you can be limiting yourself to stale or unpopular styles. I know flooring can be an afterthought during the design process; but the right floor can make or break a room. Remember, at the end of the day style and design is always the most important. Choose what you FEEL is the best fit for your home.

Home Remodel Flooring Choices

Quality is very important. Like they always say “you get what you pay for.” The average consumer spends 6-8 hours online and 4-8 hours in store educating themselves on their flooring choices. Be certain you are choosing a product that will perform to your expectations and be clear with yourself what your expectations are.

Another factor to consider is the amount of flooring you will have installed. Are you doing your whole 3 story home or a small condo? For smaller jobs, I recommend the highest quality products. They will perform the best and provide you trending style and top-notch design for many years. For larger jobs, get the biggest bang for your buck and shop mid-range. You will be able to choose a style that meets your needs, but have the confidence it will hold-up over time. Application is extremely important. Understand how the floor can be installed, and what limitations you home may have. Keep in mind different flooring products are installed different ways and for different prices. Talk with the retail sales person about this as you choose your floor. 

Price should be the last thing you consider; your home is your investment. Most people finance their flooring purchase and the difference between a low cost product and a high quality product could be $250 to $700 (based on an average 400-700sf application). In the big picture that's a small price to pay for getting exactly what you want.

Best Price vs Best Quality Flooring Choices

Find a store and retail sales professionals that you can trust, then ask for their opinion. With accurate information about your project they can guide you in the decision making process. Most sales professionals are trained in style, design, quality and application. They understand the differences in flooring products and can provide you the best options for your home. For recommendations on where you can buy TAS Flooring products, use our contact us form.

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