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Epic Cleaning Power of FreshFloors!

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We’ve all been there – pets, kids, you or your significant other ‘accidentally’ stains the floor or furniture. You madly grab your nearest cleaner to hopefully clean up the mess before it sets in but you realize your ‘new and improved’ or ‘new formula’ go-to product isn’t making a dent in that stain.  Next plan of attack, use another cleaner, break out the scrub brush, start up the cleaning machine, or pull your hair out and call for the professionals to rescue you.

I’ll raise my hand as having experienced any and all stains on furniture, carpets, even bedding from various contributors!  Who hasn’t?  I have had the absolute joy and opportunity to test out our latest and greatest recommended floor cleaner, FreshFloors by WF Taylor.  OK, so really, is it just another cleaner with the same ingredients as every other fancy bottle of magic out on the market?  Oh no my friends!

FreshFloors cleans up terrible spills

FreshFloors states it uses a living chemistry in its formula that works to breakdown and remove organic substances like fats, oils, grease, urine, vomit, blood, etc.  I love the idea that it is non-toxic and biodegradable since I have cats and kids who are constantly on the floor.  That makes me quite comfortable knowing that there won’t be any harsh chemicals coming in contact with my family.

Fresh Floors cleans up kitties

What is my personal experience with FreshFloors? I have handicapped cats that tend to make A LOT of messes in and out of the litter box. This wonderful cleaner has saved my carpets and furniture time after time. From cat poo to vomit, this spray cleans up any stain quickly and thoroughly. As soon as I see a stain or even one that has been set in for some time on my carpets, I saturate the spot with FreshFloors, wait a few minutes, and dab or scrub the area with a dry towel or rag. It cleaned up the mess, the odor, and even helped deter pets from marking in the same spot again!  I even use it on the kitchen vinyl after food spills or other stinky accidents.

With any cleaner that I purchase, the scent is definitely one of the main selling points for me.  FreshFloors is just that…fresh!  It has a soft yet clean smell that is not overpowering and won’t make you hold your breath, open a window, and turn on the fan while you’re in the bathroom scrubbing the floor. Big sell for me!

Now comes the question…is FreshFloors really a ‘multi-purpose’ cleaner? Isn’t it just for carpets and hard surfaces?  Yet, another no. The list is long but a few that pop-up to the top of my list as high cleaning priorities that I don’t have to use multiple cleaners to remove stains for are: mattresses, bedding, litter boxes, bathrooms, the car, the garage, and so on.  Can you imagine how much money you could save by using one, all-encompassing cleaning miracle in a bottle? Your dreams can be realized!

Where does this leave us besides being amazed, shocked, overwhelmed with excitement and feeling that ‘ooh-ahh’ sensation over this super fabulous product? Easy! Hit up one of our local flooring customers and buy your very own extraordinary FreshFloors Living Floor Cleaner!

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  • Holiday on

    We recommend Fresh Floors. You should be able to purchase it through the retailer you purchased your floor from. Thank you!

  • Donald Hartig on

    Where Can I Purchase Fresh Floor cleaner? We just put in a TAS floor
    and love it and want to keep it clean. Swiffer has a wet mop product. Do you recommend this for your floor or just the Fresh Floor product?

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