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My Exciting Seattle Home Show Review

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I generally enjoy being a homeowner. Owning your home gives you great pride and at the same time great responsibility. You can customize your home to your specific needs – but that all does come with a price tag. I’ve done numerous home improvement projects over the few years that I have owned my home and I have a whole “wish list” of other projects I would like to do some day. When I heard the Seattle Home Show was starting this past weekend I decided to con my husband into spending our Saturday walking the show. I’ve never attended the Seattle Home Show before and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Driving to Seattle can be a hassle – but if you purchase your tickets for the show online you get to park at the Safeco Field or Century Link Field Event Center parking lots for $1. There was also a shuttle from the Safeco garage right to the front doors; makes the drive a bit more bearable.

On arrival I noticed that even though we got there just a couple hours after the show started on the very first day, there were quite a few people in attendance. There is a lot to see, but it wasn’t overwhelming. There are three model homes fairly close to the entrance, this years’ focus was “tiny homes”. I have to admit they are pretty awesome. These beautiful tiny homes remind you that huge homes aren’t always necessary. I’m not sure I could fit my whole five member family into one of those tiny homes – but I definitely had an epiphany regarding how to make my real life tiny bathroom seem bigger… smaller toilet and smaller sink. Genius!

My husband didn’t expect to see real life, full scale landscaping and greenhouses inside the event center; so he was very impressed by all of the landscaping set-ups. I found them impressive too, but I was mostly concerned with who has to clean that up and how do I sign-up to take that home. If you love dirt as much as I do, then you’ll be happy to hear that Cedar Grove was handing out compost coupons!

Seattle Home Show Landscaping

Seattle Home Show

The highlight of my day (yes, besides compost coupons) was seeing some of our TAS Flooring products showcased in one of our customers booths. The flooring looked beautiful and there were a lot of potential customers taking notice. My husband’s fitbit was calling him an overachiever by the end of the day, but we both had a good time dreaming as we walked up and down the aisles. My major take away was inspiration. I was certainly inspired to sit down when I got home and start a list of our 2016 home projects.

The Seattle Home Show is running until Sunday, February 28th. Check out the website for show times and more details.

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