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Moving commercial flooring into residential settings

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In flooring design today we see a lot of products crossing over from a commercial arena into that which would be considered residential. Take your home office or a rec-room as an example; you might consider using a carpet tile that would traditionally be used in a commercial space. We would consider these carpet tiles as our go to products for the corporate headquarters of any financial institution, but they work just as well in a residential environment and provide a unique look. Another example is commercial luxury vinyl that is being used in hospitals or multi-family construction; you’ll find a whole new category of interesting products that open up to you when exploring these commercial products for your home.

There are really no downsides to using commercial flooring options in a residential space. Think of it as getting a little extra durability and a whole lot more options. When designing a home you’ll be able to push outside the standard products box to get interesting texture, color and pattern that only seem to be available in the commercial realm.

Take a look at these ideas; carpet tiles in a laundry room and commercial luxury vinyl in a condo.

Carpet Tile Laundry Room Commercial luxury vinyl in condo

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