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With the holidays fast approaching many homeowners will be considering renovation projects including purchasing new flooring. New loose lay vinyl flooring options give you the ability to quickly change any room of the house and do it easily. Loose lay vinyl flooring also gives you the option to DIY or have a professional install the flooring for you, all in time for turkeys on the table.

What makes loose lay flooring quick and easy is that you just lay it down on the floor only gluing around the perimeter. Making it easy to install and easy to replace any planks that are damaged over time by just lifting it up with a (clean) plunger. No special tools are required for installation. Loose lay works best on floors that are smooth and even but can go over most subfloor types.  

Flooring technology is constantly improving. Loose lay vinyl is now available in a variety of gorgeous visuals and includes new premium backings. TAS Flooring’s Quick N Easy product is a perfect example with 7 wood patterns and an ultra grip backing system. This product is dimensionally stable with a fiberglass sheet reinforcing the plank. It is ideal for subfloors where humidity is a factor. Another benefit is that it offers minimum expansion and contraction. Floor Score certified and phthalate free – both kid and pet friendly.

Another designer application of loose lay can be the other 5 surfaces in your room. From wood look ceilings to a wall with a focal point anywhere in your home.  This look warms up your home and creates an interesting style from rustic to contemporary. Loose lay flooring products can easily be glued to walls and ceilings.

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