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SprayLock Solutions

If you haven’t tried Spray-Lock Eco Adhesives before or it’s been a while, there is no better time than now to use them on your next installation. With Spray-Lock, you get more than superior performing, spray-applied adhesives. You get solutions that benefit you and your customer:

Time Saving Technology

  • Get immediate access to all traffic, including heavy rolling loads, after install with our instant sheer strength.
  • Work in occupied spaces without the need to shut down HVAC systems with our low odor formulas.
  • Wax and polish floors immediately, and heat-weld sheet vinyl in just one hour.

Superior Moisture and pH Tolerance

  • Save millions by avoiding damages caused by high pH levels and excessive vapor emissions.
  • Avoid adding costly moisture barrier systems with our high moisture-resistant formulas.
  • Get some of the highest pH and moisture tolerances on the market:
    • Standard: 11 pH, 8 lbs. MVER, and 95% RH
    • Platinum: 12 pH, 10 lbs. MVER, and 98% RH.

Outstanding Technical Support

  • Have your installers properly trained by our team of technical experts.
  • Get project assessments that prevent problems before they occur.
  • Never be in doubt with our on-call Technical Department.

Excellent 5-Year Warranty

  • Protect your install with our 5-year standard warranty, or contact our Technical Department for a 10-year job specific warranty.
  • Get coverage that includes all moisture-related data: pH, MVER and RH readings.
  • Avoid limiting yourself to a few flooring options when our adhesives are warranted on over 600 products.

Eco-Friendly Formula

  • Ensure healthy indoor air quality with our 0.0 g/mL VOCs adhesives that are compliant with CA 01350, the most widely used method for testing VOC emissions.
  • Use 80% less adhesive overall on flooring jobs with our low profile spray application.
  • Reuse or recycle old flooring when necessary.
  • Recycle aluminum spray cans instead of filling a dumpster full of buckets.

Keep your next job safe and ahead of schedule with Spray-Lock’s line of spray adhesives. Contact us today to learn more and get the right product for your job.


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