1966 Mid-Century Single-Family Home

Our client, Erin, is a local architectural and interior designer with 5 years in the industry. She has a background in design-build. Normally she designs specialty amenity spaces for multi-family and mixed-use buildings, single-family renovations, and art-installation projects. This time she needed help with a more personal project.

Meeting The Challenge
An original 1966 Mid-Century single-family home (3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3200 sq.ft.) that was custom designed and built by her grandfather, a local developer, in the Marine Hills neighborhood of Federal Way, WA. The home needed repairs and updating throughout to be able to put it on the market. The existing flooring was all original and needed to be replaced with carpet and luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Erin needed an affordable solution that would provide acoustic solutions and provide ease of installation. Color and grain pattern were the most challenging. She wanted something modern that lightened the space and had little color variation, yet still unified the original woodwork, brick, and natural basalt stone of the interior spaces. The entire project took 1-1/2 years to complete, as the family did most of the work.

Our Solution
Our TAS Contract team member, Julie Kielian, was “an amazing resource. Quality, durability, and price-point” were the main
reasons for selecting a TAS Flooring product. “Julie supplied me with all the samples I needed to make an informed choice. The wood-grain patterns and texture are of high quality.”

The flooring product needed to be waterproof and have an attached pad. Having matching transitions and quarter-round trim helped the flooring feel complete”. In the end, the TAS Flooring luxury vinyl product Catalyst, color Hera, was chosen.

The Results
Erin was able to pick up the product from a local warehouse and the TAS Contract staff was very helpful with all of her technical questions. It took four days total to install and covered over 50% of the living spaces. “An overall great experience! The plank and matching trim was easy to cut and install. The Catalyst luxury vinyl plank exceeded my expectations and really helped the house feel open and modern. The house was only on the market for four days in September 2022! TAS Flooring is my first go-to for plank flooring. The variety and quality of choices in colorways and patterns was great to have at my disposal.”