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  • AtroGuard Technology
  • Multi-Width Planks
  • Beautiful Aesthetics

Equinox premium laminate features new AtroGuard Core Technology, making it water resistant for up to 72 hours.


About the Equinox Collection

The Equinox Collection's standard and multi-width water-resistant laminate, AtroGuard core, and embossed-in registered finish makes it resistant to the rough-and-tumble of kids, pets, boots, spills and accidents of all kinds. Just mop it away, and it’s there to stay! Also, unlike the noisy clomp-clomp of a typical floor when even simply walked on, the Equinox floor’s sound-deadening attached pad lets you and your loved ones enter the space more quietly—and comfortably, too!

Water Resistant: Equinox premium laminate features new AtroGuard Core Technology and TightLock system, making it water resistant for up to 72 hours.

Easy Maintenance: a perfect choice for any room in your home. Equinox can even be installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and kitchens.

Easy Installation: with the TightLock system just drop, lock and tap for a beautiful and easy-to-maintain floor. No glue or nails required.

Beautiful Aesthetics: AtroGuard Core Technology provides an extremely stable laminate floor. Allowing for installations as large as 4,000 sq ft before needing flooring transitions, providing a beautiful seamless visual.

Multi-Width Planks: Equinox premium is available in both single width format or a multiple width format, providing visual choices that will work for any home and style.

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