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TAS Flooring Waterproof CollectionWaterproof and water resistant flooring are the solutions for every day problems. You don’t need to worry about the dishwasher leaking or the washing machine overflowing. Snow boots in the mudroom and kids splashing in the bathtub are not a problem for waterproof and water resistant floors.

Our waterproof floors also have waterproof premium padding attached. They are easy to install and look amazing. They are all FloorScore certified, radiant heat approved (hydro-systems) and of course waterproof!

Our water resistant floors have different levels of resistance that will protect you for everyday spills made by pets and kids young or old.

Water Resistant Laminates Wet Mop Laminates  AtroGuard Technology Laminates Waterproof Flooring

See our Literature Page for warranty, installation, trim and maintenance information regarding our waterproof and water resistant flooring products.