8mm Luxury Vinyl

Eclipse Majestic Series, Lunar

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Sound Deadening

Durable & Scratch Resistant

The Eclipse Collection by TAS Flooring brings luxury vinyl to a level as heavenly as the celestial bodies combined. This easy-install, easy-maintenance wood-finish flooring will lighten and refine any space with the sublimity of the spheres and the solidity of sound-reduction, durability, and water and climate resistance.

The waterproof rigid core makes them impervious to spills and wet shoes. The 8mm overall thickness and sound-deadening padding muffles kid and pet noise. The low-gloss, textured, high-performance polyurethane covering adds a scratch-resistant coating to the floor, preserving its woodsy luster for decades. The micro-beveled edges give your floor a smooth, seamless finish with no board-warping to worry about. The angle/drop/tap locking system allows for easy, fast installation with no hammering to disrupt your day.

Waterproof core with premium attached pad 8mm overall thickness and attached padding to reduce sound transfer Angle/Angle locking system for easy and fast installation Eclipse Majestic has a sapphire finish. This is a new nano-finish that is extremely durable, scratch resistant and includes a stain resistant wear layer.

Dimensions: 8mm thick, 5, 7, 9” (multi widths) x 60” length
Packaging: 16.95 sf/ctn, 44 ctn/pal, 746 sf/plt, 48 lbs/ctn
Finish: 20mil Wear Layer, Sapphire Finish
Profile: 4-Sided Painted Beveled Edges
Installation: Angle/Angle + Premium Attached Pad
Recommended Cleaner: FreshFloors by WF Taylor
Warranty: 35yr Residential, 10yr Commercial

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 8mm Thick, 5",7",9" Width x 60" Length
Packaging: 16.95 sf/ctn, 44 ctn/pal, 746 sf/plt, 48 lbs/ctn
Finish: Sapphire
Wear Layer: 20mil
Recommended Cleaner: FreshFloors by WF Taylor
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Angle/Angle + Premium Attached Pad


35yr Residential, 10yr Commercial

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Waterproof Rigid Core - 8mm Overall, 20mil Wear Layer - w/Premium Pad Attached