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About TAS Contract

TAS Flooring provides quality flooring products with the style and design for any application. Developed using the latest in technology, TAS Flooring products are constructed from the best materials available and utilize state of the art equipment. Our commitment to providing the highest level of service gives you the ability to select the products you want, in the styles the market demands, and available when you need them. From large scale commercial projects to residential renovations, TAS Flooring will bring your vision to reality.

Where to find us

We have over 7,000 customers that turn to our team for answers to their needs because they know that for us flooring matters! Our 16 locations span the Pacific Northwest, from Alaska to Hawaii and through Montana. These locations provide inventory, warehousing and logistics support to serve our customers, while our project portfolio extends even further and is nationwide.

We represent a portfolio of manufacturers including our own label, TAS flooring that allows us to recommend optimal solutions based on your performance needs, scheduling requirements and budget goals.

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