40oz Residential Carpet

Vivid Touch | Old Linen

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Made in the USA

CRI Green Label

100% Solutions Dyed Polyester

Features and Benefits

Our PureColor Carpet line provides the ultimate performance in fiber with its virtually stain proof coloration, coupled with “SoilShield” providing the ultimate in soil resistance technology. PureColor will stay clean longer, clean easier and stay more vibrant. The attributes of PureColor combine to make a durable, high value, high performance carpet fiber. Innovation takes a step up with PureColor, the clear choice for value and performance.

PureColor Carpet stain resistance is built in, FOREVER. It cannot be washed away, even through repeated cleaning.

PureColor Carpets are constructed from 100% Solution Dyed Polyester. PureColor yarn is dyed when it is still in its molten state, the color penetrates the entire fiber. PureColor yarn resists staining, fading and wear. PureColor solution dyed color is consistent throughout the yarn. Conventional yarn systems are topically dyed and the dye only penetrates the outside portion. PureColor even stands up to harsh bleach chemicals.

Scouring: due to the unique manufacturing process of PureColor no “scouring” is required, this helps keep cost down and is added protection against soiling.

Durable, stylish and affordable
Solution dyed for built-in stain and wear resistance
Longer lasting to save you money

Dimensions: 12’ wide x 150’ avg roll length
Weight: 40oz
Finish: Solution Dyed Polyester, Ultra Soft, Multi-Tone
Category: Soft
Recommended Cleaner: FreshFloors by WF Taylor
Warranty: Lifetime Stain, 25yr Texture Retention

PureColor Carpet - 40oz, Ultra Soft, Multi-Tone - 100% Solution Dyed Polyester