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  • 100% Recyclable
  • Rigid Core Waterproof
  • GREENGAURD Certified!

EO compliant rating for formaldehyde emissions


About the Ridgeline Collection

The wood-grain finish of Ridgeline’s Rigid Core floors belies the four-layer ruggedness of its rigid core technology. Its UV-cured scratch-resistant polyurethane coating preserves and protects its decorative film layer from all spills, stains, scuffs and scratches imaginable to preserve its woody wonder through countless kids’ play, pet paws, furniture moving and shaking, snowy boots, spills and accidents.

Ridgeline’s rigid ultra-stable composite core with TightLock profile toughens it up to temperature changes and water-spills two times more than traditional luxury vinyl and to bumps, dents and scratches ten times more than standard engineered vinyl core floors. Furthermore, its sound-reducing 1mm cushion on the bottom softens the floor’s impact on your knees and feet—and cuts their noise, too.

With this innovative rigid core construction, this waterproof beauty can withstand just about anything your kids and pets throw at it. And if you’ve always wanted a wood floor in your kitchen or bath but wished it could be waterproof, Ridgeline’s the right choice!

To boot, Ridgeline is entirely eco-friendly. Its 0% wood content saves trees, and it’s 100% recyclable from top to bottom, 100% free of Ortho Phthalates, low-VOC, and fully E0 compliant and FloorScore Certified, keeping your home a healthy environment for your whole family.

  • New limestone rigid core provides exceptional durability
  • TightLock’s 5 points of contact installation system creates a waterproof seal
  • No unsightly transition moldings required for rooms under 6400 sf
  • Not affected by sunlight and/or humidity
  • Attached pad provides sound deadening qualities in excess of 65 IIC/STC
  • Low VOC and Phthalate Free -Pet and kid friendly

Product Composition

New Innovative Construction

  • Layer 1: UV cured scratch resistant polyurethane coating (12mil PVC Wear Layer – extra durable!)
  • Layer 2: Direct print decorative vinyl film layer – for that hardwood appearance
  • Layer 3: Rigid ultra-stable limestone composite core with tight lock profile (the rigidcore technology or the composition of the core is what makes this product waterproof)
  • Layer 4: Attached sound reducing 1mm cushion

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