Everglades, Homestead


Solution Dyed

CRI Green Label +Plus

Made in the USA

About Everglades | Homestead

Everglades Solution Dyed Carpet is the perfect solution for homeowners who want the highest quality carpets. Everglades is both durable and stylish. Made in the USA, our Everglades carpeting is designed with the ColorLock 100% Solution Dyed System. This means it won’t fade even after prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight. Not only is it designed to last, but it’s also designed to resist staining from common accidents such as red wine and pet accidents. Everglades solution dyed carpet offers the perfect balance of quality, style and value.

Color Lock 100% Solution-Dyed System. Durable, stylish and affordable. Won’t fade from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight. Resists staining when properly cared for, including red wine and pet accidents.
Dimensions: 12’ wide x 150’ length (avg roll length) Weight: 24oz Finish: 100% Solution Dyed Polyester, Textured Recommended Cleaner: FreshFloors by WF Taylor Warranty: Lifetime Stain/Fade Resistance, 10 Yr Soil/Abrasion/Defects

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 30 oz Thick Overall, 12' Width x 150’ Length
Construction: Solution Dyed Polyester Carpet
Finish: Solution Dyed Polyester
Texture: Textured Cut Pile
Packaging: Min Roll 150'


Standard CRI Installation (Stretch-In)
Recommended Cleaner: FreshFloors by WF Taylor


Lifetime Stain / Fade, 25 Yr Soil / Abrasive Wear / Defects, Lifetime Pet Stain, 25 Yr Texture Retention
Certifications: CRI Green Label Plus

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