4 Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Floor
TA Supply Web Developer

Your kitchen is the command center of your home; you cook there, socialize there, and keep your calendar and important information there. If you’re considering a new kitchen floor, keep in mind these 4 tips to help you choose the right kitchen floor.

Find a floor that is easy to clean

Whether you have kids or pets, keeping your floor clean can be a real challenge. Choose a floor that doesn’t require complex cleaning methods and one that will fit into your daily/weekly cleaning schedule. Luxury vinyl planks, sheet vinyl or laminate floors are good choices because light sweeping and mopping are easy to do.

Pick something that will hold up over time

Your kitchen is the heart of your home which means it gets a lot of daily traffic. Choose a floor that will hold up to foot traffic, furniture moving across the surface, spills, pets and kids. Our Quick N Easy LooseLay Luxury Vinyl is known to be highly durable which means it will last for years to come.

Moisture Resistance

A pot of water, spilled milk or dish washing accidents can happen more often than not in the kitchen. Look for flooring that can hold up to the occasional splish and splash. Tandem Luxury Vinyl is a completely waterproof product that will withstand the damage of spills.

Coordinate, Don’t Match

The first things you see in a kitchen are the cabinets and the flooring. Try to pick flooring and cabinets that complement each other, not match exactly. If you have warm honey-toned cabinetry, look for a darker toned floor and vice versa for dark colored cabinets. Cabinets and flooring that contrast create a visual appeal and an inviting space in your home.